Kratom: part 2

Kratom the Key to HOCD : Part 2

Keeping tolerance in check

  1. If using every day, rotate your strains daily
  2. Burn one strain per day, and only one per day. Use as many times as you like during that day. Next day switch to a different kind
  3. Rotating example- Monday: slow strain Tuesday: fast strain wednesday: moderate strain ect..
  4. If using daily, make up a schedule to accomodate your plans. This prevents building a tolerance. Ex Monday-gym: fast strain Tuesday- relaxing: slow strain Wednesday- Hanging with friends: moderate strain ect..

You need to know this

Quality is a huge issue with kratom vendors. What I mean by this, some vendors clean kratom when harvested, then grind it, then sits in a ware house for months.. causing lost potency, others do not remove stems(stems are filler). I’ve tried 7 vendors, two have had truly potent kratom which cause effects I have described in this tutorial.

Some people will go for the cheaper alternatives or the vendor with a lower reputation. you pay for what you get with this plant. Of the 7 I’ve tried the cheaper/less reputable I didn’t feel much from their kratom, if anything.

In this guide I’m going to recommend the best vendor I have used. I encourage you to find one that’s better. The first vendor I used had decent kratom which I still thought was awesome. I found excellent kratom, the difference was astonishing. If you take my recommendation or not, it’s a good idea to order a small amount for your first time. Making sure you like it, and that you have a good time calming your mind of HOCD. If you like it, you can decide whether or not to get more. If you have any questions email me @

My Recommended Vendor

I recommend HappyhippoHerbals

I was introduced to these guys by my friend, I have to say… Hands down the best kratom I have tried to date. There kratom is anxiety free, and clean. They are a little pricier but  you need less to achieve the exact same effect, they have a more potent product than what many vendors carry. They also send 1-2 free samples so you get more than you expect.

Starter Pack- 3 Strains

first kind you get is happy hippo 1 (moderate). It’s a perfect choice for first time use, and you’ll get the best of both worlds. this should also be the first you use. if you want to try one kind, this is the one for you.

Second strain is red hot hippo(fast). This is a red vein thai. It’s from thailand, making it a fast strain.

Third strain I recommend is sleepy hippo (slow). this one is excellent for HOCD, Anxiety destroyer.

  1. Happy hippo 1
  2. red hot hippo
  3. sleepy hippo

There are many strains, all excellent choices. I’m yet to have a bad experience with them!