kratom: The key to HOCD

Gods Plant

What’s up guys today I’m going to share with you a tool that I have used daily to help me achieve and accomplish my biggest goals in the last year. This shit works. For some this tool will help you with HOCD. For others, it will change your life.

kratom is cheap/inexpensive and completely legal plant you can use to destroy anxiety(the single cognitive cause of hocd), become euphoric, increase productivity.


First off, what is Kratom?

Kratom is a deciduous  plant, originating in southeast Asia (Mostly Indonesia). kratom is an opiod (not an opiate) Kratom acts on the delta receptors.

Each strain has a different effect, all of which have been outstanding for me.

Different types

There are three different types, with varying effects.


– Energizing- focus- pro social behaviour- exercising- euphoria


-mix of slow, and fast, some will feel more fast while other will feel slow. Effects Vary


-Euphoric – relaxation -destroys anxiety -sedative (higher dosage)

Effects of all 3 kinds

  • Melts anxiety away
  • Creates a positive mood/attitude
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Antioxidant
  • Stimulate social behaviour
  • Treats Premature ejaculation

How to figure out which strains are fast, moderate, or slow

All kratom comes from southeast Asia.  They have 3 different vein colours, both of these are factors in where to categorize the type of kratom

Red vein- Slow

Green vein- Moderate

White vein- Fast

For example a “green Indonesian” would be a moderate strain. But the province where kratom was harvested can impact where to categorize a strain. Thai’s are fast (maeng da) borneo and bali are slow. 90% of other strains are moderate.

If I confused you at the end I’ll show exactly which strains are fast, moderate, and slow.

How to take kratom 

Take a scale, put a shotglass on top. Tare the scale. Scoop the appropriate dose (Anywhere from 2-5 grams) into the shot glass. Experiment to find your perfect dose. If you don’t have a shot glass, use a teaspoon – one scoop is roughly two grams. Start with a lower dose, you’ll avoid taking too much. Work your way up to five grams, if you need to.

Different methods of use-

  1. Use the shot glass. Take it as if it were a shot, wash it all down with some water. (Won’t taste the best, you’ll get used to it)
  2. Mix with your favourite juice
  3. Mix with protein
  4. Make tea. My brother swears by this

First time taking kratom

  1. Start out with 2-3 grams
  2. Use a teaspoon if you don’t own a scale.
  3. Try a moderate strain, they have the best of both worlds. Good example from HappyhippoHerbals, I’ll get further into this is part two
  4. Effects range from 2-4 hrs. Peak @ one hour mark.

Rules of kratom

  1. Proper Hydration- kratom dehydrates the body. Staying hydrates prolongs effects. Plus proper hydration is just plain healthy for you
  2. Empty Stomach- Wait until your stomach is empty, take an extra one gram if it’s not. Your body will absorb kratom better this way.
  3. Change Strains daily- burn the same strain one day, then a different one the next. This prevents tolerance and saves you money. Also keeps your receptors fresh.
  4. Don’t take to much- it isn’t necessary, find your sweet spot. stick with it (Anywhere from 2-5 grams)



Part two