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Welcome to this fantastic resource on HOCD. This variation of OCD is not well known, and many people don’t know where to look for the help they can get. It can haunt anyones life, those pre-diagnosed with ocd are often prone. It is when you have obsessive thoughts that you are gay, often convincing yourself to the point where you actually believe it. The exact same thing goes for a homosexual person. Their OCD can play tricks on their mind as well, homosexual people are no different in any way. This causes the homosexual person to have thoughts that they could be straight.. For either sexual orientation this is one of the most dreadful types of OCD you can acquire.

This particular OCD manifests your brain with the thought that you are sexually oriented differently than you actually are. All it can take to trigger it, is simply looking at an attractive member of the same/opposite sex, you could think to yourself “They are fairly good looking” then your mind might argue “Why would you find them attractive, you shouldn’t find them attractive” When in reality this is a completely normal thing to do. The little guy talking in your head, can really take over. He will argue with you all day, and will make you doubt yourself.

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