Hocd or Denial

Hocd or Denial?

Here is a checklist for you. If you strike yes on any of them it is guaranteed HOCD. Not denial, I’m not a doctor but I had this burden with me for over 3 years. Writing this doesn’t even cause me to spike at all…

  • You have had sex, with the opposite sex.
  • You have have been at any given point in your life felt “real” attraction when looking at the opposite sex. (You popped a stiffy, or someone turned the tap on down there)
  • You get feelings of anxiety when a spike occurs
  • You “check” to see if you got turned on, by the gender you are not oriented towards.
  • You have went onto a forum, explained you’re entire story. Someone told you that your symptoms are¬†just hocd, and you are still getting paranoid¬†you could be gay.
  • You have looked into going to a church to make yourself straight “again” ( I did this, it was fucking hell. and no it did not help with anything. Except for put a major dent in my wallet. 800$ to be exact)

For those who are actually gay, and are scared to hell that they could be straight. Thats perfectly normal to, it’s just hocd. It isn’t any different at all, just make the whole check list above opposite.

Ex; You have had sex, with the same sex.


Now you tell me? HOCD or Denial?

I am a firm believer in the fact that you are either born homosexual, or heterosexual. If you read something out there that “cures gay people” I’m going to be up front and honest with you. The people who were “cured” had HOCD, and honestly didn’t know the difference

This might actually help you with HOCD