Testosterone is a root cause of HOCD for some

HOCD and Testosterone

This might come as a huge shocker to most of you. Most of you are not aware that testosterone is linked to many cases of ocd, and anxieties. It is also not well known that our tap water is soiled with birth control(The female hormone: Estrogen), causing our estrogen levels to rise, and our testosterone levels to spiral out of control.

Testosterone is the key hormone in the male body, low levels create symptoms that can be anything and everything…

What does this mean? Improper testosterone levels combined with overboard levels of estrogen, you won’t be near the man you could be, your bone structure will be weakened, you thought patterns will be cloudy

I don't even need to be a doctor to tell you this guy has low testosterone..
I don’t even need to be a doctor to tell you this guy has low testosterone..

I fixed this issue, after looking into it. I am safely taking testosterone weekly to stay at adequate levels. Mine weren’t super low before, but for me they were not optimal. My quality of life has improved drastically since increasing my testosterone levels, my libido has too hehe

What have I noticed since I fixed my testosterone you ask? My anxiety has fell off the map, my HOCD is gone it’s concerning how much better I feel overall. My life long depression was eradicated as well.

I went out and found a free trial testosterone booster for you to try. It might work for you, it might not.

Click this link if you are interested.

I have a strong feeling 60% of you truly have low t, and this will help you. The other 40% likely have optimal testosterone, in which case this won’t help you very much. You might have to experiment. It’s possible this is your answer!

Without fixing hormonal problems you can’t start a reasonable treatment effectively, it’s actually impossible. From psychotherapy, to the linden method, to exposure therapy. These treatment’s can help, but they cannot fix a root problem.

It bothers me deeply that doctors rarely run a testosterone panel, because so many people have so many problems that could be fixed overnight… it is mind-blowing how many people have low testosterone, and no one is talking about it.

Here is a study for you to read

If you have low T, it doesn’t matter what you try to do, because the underlying problem will need to be addressed before doing anything else. If your doctor tries to put you on HOCD medication and you have low testosterone, what good is the medication going to do? I’m not sure, but I do know


Ask her/him to run a testosterone panel instead, it really might be the problem your experiencing

Below I’m going to list a few ways you can try to naturally optimize you testosterone levels

  • Eat red meat and fat. Don’t forget your carbs either(aim for clean carbs). Try to make sure you have at least a 30% healthy daily fat intake
  • Workout daily, try the body of a spartan. It’s great if you don’t have a clue how to work out at the gym, but not necessary if you already know how to pump some iron. If you don’t want to go to the gym P90x is a great alternative, but it will do you good to get out of the house.
  • Eat lots of oysters, they are jam packed with zinc(which will raise T levels)
  • Try a testosterone booster
  • Cut out junk food

Make sure you are eating protein with every single meal, salads should not be your sole source of nutrition. You might think it is healthy eating, but it isn’t. You’re body is getting lot of nutrients, but without the proper calorie intake, you will be sluggish, tired, and malnourished. Salads also contain zero protein and fat, both of which your body demands for proper testosterone levels.

You need to eat fats… Yes fats, healthy fats. They are excellent for your health and are nescesary for good hormone production, which could be the golden key to beating HOCD for you.

Your body is the car and the food you eat is the fuel. Thus your brain is the motor!

What happens when you put diesel in a gas car? It’s not very different from what happens if you eat poorly all of the time. But just so you know watch this video and he will show you what happens. Enjoy