The ten step HOCD actionable plan!!

  This is going to be gold. This will work for you, I put my reputation behind it. There is 10 steps to a full recovery.. Therapists won't share this with you... why? They are afraid to lose your business. 6 months of field research I know what works Stay tuned   … [Read more...]

Kratom: part 2

Kratom the Key to HOCD : Part 2 Keeping tolerance in check If using every day, rotate your strains daily Burn one strain per day, and only one per day. Use as many times as you like during that day. Next day switch to a different kind Rotating example- Monday: slow strain Tuesday: fast strain wednesday: moderate strain ect.. If using daily, make up a schedule to … [Read more...]

kratom: The key to HOCD

Gods Plant What's up guys today I'm going to share with you a tool that I have used daily to help me achieve and accomplish my biggest goals in the last year. This shit works. For some this tool will help you with HOCD. For others, it will change your life. kratom is cheap/inexpensive and completely legal plant you can use to destroy anxiety(the single cognitive cause of … [Read more...]